Resurrection of the spirit

The Galen Temelkov Foundation founded a group of young people. The initiator and inspirer is the art critic Marina Perseng and the friends of her son Galen, who died in an accident near Pliska…

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Interview of Salza Stamenova for BNR.

The good is happening, stronger than ever with the “Galen Temelkov Foundation

Since the beginning of May I have been a volunteer in the newly formed Galen Temelkov Foundation. It is an independent, non-profit voluntary organization for carrying out activities for public benefit. The foundation was established in memory of Galen Temelkov – a talented and ambitious boy, carrying the flame for a better world, who lost his life in a car accident. But a car accident is not the end! Stronger than ever, we young people will continue Galen’s work and together create his ideals…

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Died in a car accident continues to help

The boys and the girls say – ‘’We are the foundation’’, who continue to write Galen’s biography.

A car accident does not mean the end. Even if it ended up most fatally and interrupted his life.  It is proved by a group of young enthusiasts from all over the country and abroad, who have created the ‘’Galen Temelkov Foundation’’. The foundation is named after a boy full of ambition, tall, beautiful, sky-eyed, a graduate of the Mathematical High School ‘’Nancho Popovich’’ in Shumen, a fist-year student at Medical University – Varna. His dream was to be useful to people, to heal, to become an orthopedist. The boy often repeated the sentence: ‘’Ad Astra Per Aspera’’ (Through hardships to the stars) and that maybe marked his faith.

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Interview of Tsvetelina Georgieva for ‘’Trud’’ newspaper