In order to carry out its activities, the Galen Temelkov Foundation needs supporters to invest their resources, skills, time, creativity, experience and knowledge. Each individual or organization can make an extremely important contribution to the work of the Foundation.

Donations can be made by individuals and corporate organizations.
Through a one-time donation.
Through monthly support for each individual project.
By disseminating information about our activities and the projects we carry out. Through personal work on the projects we work on.

Tax relief for individuals and legal entities.

Galen Temelkov Foundation is entered in the Central Register of Non-Profit Organizations, registered in public benefit – the foundation is a beneficiary of donations, which reduces the tax base under Art. 22 para. 1 of the Personal Income Tax Act and Art. 31 of CITA. Galen Temelkov Foundation is among the persons under Art. 22, para. 1, item 1, p. “O” of the Personal Income Tax Act, donations which are in favour of are deducted from the tax base of up to 5%. Business entities must keep in mind that the Foundation is among the persons under Art. 31, para. 1, item 18 of the Corporate Income Tax Act, the donations in favor of which are deducted from
the positive financial result of up to 10%. For using these tax reliefs, the Foundation gives away a donation certificate with the date on which the donation was received on.

Thank you for supporting the Galen Temelkov Foundation and the projects we implement!