Project “Academy of Natural Sciences’’

Creating an educational and creative recreation base in which students from all over the country and abroad can study natural sciences, with priority given to the disciplines of chemistry and biology. In addition to knowledge of relevant scientific disciplines, meetings with famous doctors, professors and researchers, participants will gain knowledge about the culture, way of life and traditions of one of the oldest nations in the world – the Bulgarian. In this way the mind will grow in parallel with the spirit and will forge in our children resilience, strength and faith. Teachers and lecturers will be established teachers from specialized high schools in the country, teachers from Medical Universities and Colleges.
The academy will be working during the whole year.

The base is located in the town Pliska and its area is 2 300 decares, property of the Foundation. The old capital city of Bulgaria is a place of culture and spirit, where the biggest scriptorium of the Balkans was built, which was the second most important one in Europe. All the messages from the past around the place and the closeness to one of the most acknowledged cultural and historical monuments of medieval Bulgaria are the main reasons for setting the Academy up, which is going to be not only a scientific, but also a spiritual center.