I. General provisions.
Art. 1. Galen Temelkov Foundation is an independent, voluntary organization, legal entity with non-profit activity in the country and abroad, in which Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons can participate.

II. Name, registered office, address of management and term.
Art. 2. The name of the Foundation is “Galen Temelkov”. It shall be affixed to all official documents issued on its behalf, the seal, the forms and the correspondence of the Foundation.
Art. 3. The name of the Foundation may also be written in English, as follow Foundation “Galen Temelkov.
Art. 4. The seat of the Foundation is the town of Pliska, district Shumen.
Art. 5. The address of management of the Foundation is in the town of Pliska, district Shumen, 2 Dr. Petar Beron Str.
Art. 6. The activity of the Foundation is not limited in time.

III. Definition of the activity.
Art. 7. The Foundation is defined as a non-profit entity for carrying out activity in public benefit in the sense of art. 2, para. 1 and Art. 37 of the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities.

IV. Objectives of the Foundation.
Art. 8. The objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. To support the affirmation and protection of the rights of the child;
  2. To support the expansion of the knowledge and education of children and youth with different social status, ethnicity and family environment and their inclusion in the values ​​of culture, science and art.
  3. To create a fund to support the preparation of children and young people when applying for the specialties in the Medical Universities and Colleges, as well as to support students in the same specialties in their education.
  4. To support the scientific and research activity of young scientists in the field of natural and human sciences.
  5. To establish mobile medical centers for free care for children and youth at risk.
  6. To lobby for the provision of vocational training for disadvantaged children and youth and from risk social groups.
  7. To support children and young people in need of treatment and other medical services;
  8. To promote the rights and needs of children and young people and to support their realization in society;
  9. To support children and their families to deal with poverty, social isolation and adequate medical care;
  10. To stimulate the introduction and dissemination of educational programs and training modules for social work with children and youth;
  11. To support the establishment of partnerships, working contacts and networks of non-profit organizations working in the field of protection and rights of children;
  12. To encourage the development and affirmation of the principles of non-discrimination and of continuous development and improvement of the activity of the Foundation and its partners;
  13. To support social integration and personal realization;
  14. To promote the promotion of civil society, education, science, culture and the arts.

V. Subject of activity of the Foundation
Art. 9. Find all the goals of the Foundation of these activities:

  1. initiate, support and accomplish projects in the field of the closed rights of the child;
  2. organize campaigns for support of children and young people in need of treatment and additional medical care;
  3. organize the attraction of funds and make them for research, projects and developments, contact the goals of the Foundation;
  4. development, use and support of training and educational programs for children and youth and for people working in the field of child welfare;
  5. publish information materials for children and youth;
  6. develop and participate in projects for providing gratuitous financial aid for realization of the goals and activities of the Foundation from national, European and international programs;
  7. organize and conduct conferences, seminars, trainings, researches, analyzes, discussions and other programs and forms of training related to the goals of the Foundation;
  8. provide scholarships and / or other forms of financial support for talented children and youth, in the field of arts and science;
  9. develops and publishes information and advertising materials for support, development and popularization of the activity of the Foundation;
  10. maintains active contacts with organizations in the country and abroad in order to exchange information on good practices in the field of child welfare and mutual support in participating in partnership projects;
  11. other activities permitted by law, as well as participation in other organizations and companies in order to achieve the goals of the Foundation

    Art. 10. (1) The foundation carries out additional economic activity, which is directly related to its main goal.
    (2) The key to the economic activity of the Foundation : researches, consultations, analyzes, publishing activities, intermediary activity, organizatior of seminars and conferences, as well as any other additional economic activity, not prohibited by law.
    (3) The incomes, achieved from the additional economic activity, shall be used only for achievement of the purposes of the Foundation, without possibility for distribution of profit.

    Art. 11. The property of the Foundation is formed by:
  12. donations and wills of Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons;
  13. sponsorship, subsidies, dividends, interest;
  14. revenues from development of projects, programs, publications, researches, consultations, information-publishing and advertising activity;
  15. right of ownership and other real rights on movables and real estates, debenture receivables, rights on intellectual property, securities and others;
  16. other incomes and receipts, realized according to the order established by the law.

Art. 12. The Foundation maintains accountability in accordance with the provisions of Bulgarian legislation and the requirements of donors.

VI. Bodies of the Foundation.
Art. 13. The bodies of the Foundation are:

  1. Management Board – supreme collective body;
  2. Executive director – sole management body.
  3. The Foundation shall be represented by the Chairman of the Management Board and by the Executive Director, together and separately.
  4. By decision of the Management Board, expert support structures may be established to support the activities of the Foundation – expert councils, competition commissions, administrative staff, etc., the type and composition of which shall be appointed by it.