On March 12, 2020, six days before he turned twenty, the sky-eyed boy wrote the last sentence of his earthly biography and headed for the stars. Forty days later, when, according to the traditions of our faith, his star shone from the sky, his friends, those with whom he had left the fiery trail of his boyish wisdom and whom he had “infected” with his impulse to height in every step of his life, stood by his mother they lifted her up in her strength, wiped away her tears, raised their heads and said:
“We will continue! We will live! We will create a biography! Instead of you! Because of you! With you! It will be “Ad Astra Per Aspera”! “

Thus, on April 20, 2020, a foundation was born in the name of the blond, tall, handsome, sky-eyed, twenty-year-old boy – GALEN TEMELKOV. Its creators are 20-30 year olds. Smart, meaningful, honest and pure young people, united by the desire and willingness to give support, path and meaning to their peers, kids, or lost in the maze of life adults. To invest their time, knowledge and energy and become a bridge between the difficulties to the high.
This place will be home to all who want and can do good without greed.

If you are one of us, …

Welcome home!